Artur Pizarro plays ‘muscular and virtuoso’ Schumann

Erik Langeveld writes an enthusiastic review of Artur Pizarro’s new Schumann CD, released in November on Odradek Records:

‘Pizarro’s playing comes across as authentic, without looking for effects, with a bright touch full of color, sometimes soft as velvet, but muscular and virtuoso if necessary.
 Yet he is not a keyboard lion in the classic sense of the word. Pizarro represents a more modern, more professional school of piano playing in which technique and virtuosity are unconditionally at the service of the composer’s intentions. 

With Pizarro, Schumann gets it all. He convincingly portrays a composer who is not inferior to Beethoven, but deserves a place alongside his great predecessor.

We are already looking forward to Pizarro’s next travelogue.’

You can read the full review on Klassiek Centraal by clicking on the cover below:

ODRCD396 Artur Pizarro - Schumann Lebensreise - iTunes_000001