Maureen Buja interviewed Remy Ballot for the current edition of Hong Kong’s Interlude Magazine, to cover the release of Remy Ballot’s Bruckner Cycle, recorded live over ten years at St Florian Abbey:

This is the revolutionary Bruckner and Bruckner the modernist. Reaction against this work was so strong that Bruckner completely removed it from his repertoire. Now that we understand him better, we understand the work better.

‘Although Bruckner is a model of the late-Romantic as formed in Austria and Germany, in these recordings, Ballot makes him an immortal classic. This isn’t the Bruckner you might be familiar with from earlier recordings, but Bruckner with length, where sound and silence each have their place, and where the acoustics of place are used to bring out the inherent beauty of Bruckner’s lines.’