Remy Ballot: Garmisch debut review

An ethusiastic and detailed first review of Remy Ballot’s debut at the Richard Strauss Fest Tage in Garmisch-Partenkirchen from Florian Schuck:

‘One is certainly not wrong to call Ballot one of the most form- and structure-conscious musicians of our day. His conducting is simply functional and leaves “choreographic” elements completely aside. All the more important to him is the constant contact with the individual members of the orchestra. Indeed, he makes of them all instrumental choristers who know the importance of their voices in the context, who listen to each other, and who can act together in the service of the overall effect, so that it is not surprising that under his conducting the melodic arches tend to swing out in long breaths, and that special attention is paid to the presentation of the web of contrapuntal voices’.

‘The art of savouring the individual moments of a musical plot in their uniqueness and at the same time keeping the whole in view, of leading it to its goal, is mastered by Ballot like few others of today’s musicians.’

You can read the entire review (in German) below, Chrome can provide sufficient translations for non-English speakers: